Be Informed. Be Inspired. Be You.

Our Values

Be Informed. Be Inspired. Be You. This is the mission of the CinciNatural Center. We aim to offer excellent and superior service at all times through educating our clients on the beauty and health benefits of going natural while also providing products and services that allow people to take pride in their own hair, free of relaxer chemicals, used to suppress the natural texture of their hair. Providing creative styling and detailed attention to our customers is essential to providing a quality experience. The CinciNatural Center is a multicultural hair salon designed to provide natural hair care services. Our services include styling locks, cornrows, braiding and twist styles, flat ironing, haircuts, providing color services, as well as our trichology services that are specifically designed for individuals experiencing scalp disorders. We are located in the historical district of Prospect Hill just minutes from Downtown in Cincinnati, Ohio. We pride ourselves on customer service rooted in product knowledge, healthy hair care, a friendly environment and positive energy. Our customers also trust us because we respect their privacy.

At the CinciNatural Center, providing our clients with professional-grade styling is not enough. Our entire staff is dedicated to enhancing the lives of each and every person that walks through the door. Being the region’s first multicultural trichology-based natural hair center is a true testament to the hard work and efforts of our stylists and is a direct response to the vastly growing demand from the communities we serve. Since 2011, the goal of CinciNatural has been to inform people about the beauty of natural hair, educate people on the health benefits of going natural and inspire people to embrace their natural beauty. As a full-focus Paul Mitchell salon, we believe in charitable giving, standing up against animal testing, and caring for the whole person, not just the hair.


Trichology, or the study of scalp disorders, is the foundation of our discipline. Each of our stylists take mandatory training hours in the field of trichology all around the U.S. and are exposed to various scalp conditions and when recognized, are trained to identify, contain and reduce these issues. Many of our clients have scalp issues that arise from cancers, chemotherapy, counteracting medications, lack of sleep, stress, psoriasis, eczema and more. Through our detailed consultations, we are able to pinpoint the direct root cause for your hair loss. At the CinciNatural Center our goal is simple. We want to ensure that you look good for the weekend and feel good for the rest of your life. We work hand in hand with our clientele to ensure longer lasting styles, quality service, and a path for whatever your hair goals are.

Our Leaders

Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer’s experience dates back to working closely with his parent’s family owned businesses from the tender age of three, painting fast food restaurants and gas stations such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s, Sohio, BP, and the United States Postal Service to paint mailboxes. Upon his father’s retirement, Alex worked very closely with him to develop community cleanup efforts such as the Inner-city Beautification Program. This project’s sole purpose was to beautify inner-city neighborhoods and develop reading and math programs for at-risk youth I order to stop bullying, drugs and violence as well as instill responsibility and pride to people within the community. This program received private donations from the late Carl Lindner, Frank’s Nursery and more. Alex went on to receive a B.A. in business economics with a focus in finance from the University of Cincinnati and a M.B.A. in management from Xavier University.
Katrelle Scott
Katrelle Scott
From the age of 10, Katrelle developed her love for hair through her mother, Katrina Renee, whom taught Katrelle how to properly care for her coarse hair. After graduating from Shaw High School’s Commercial Arts program, the East Cleveland native moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue her love of fashion and creativity at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP (Design, Art, Architecture & Planning) program. While on campus, she provided hair care services as a way to pay for her tuition. She quickly became known around the city for her creative and artful braiding styles. The demand for her hair services quickly outpaced all of her expectations. It wasn’t long before she decided to enroll into hair school to refine her raw talent. By 2010, she began traveling around the United States with national and internationally-renowned modeling agencies for fashion shows and competitions.

These experiences cultivated her art and allowed her to see the global demand for qualified natural hair stylists, the adverse effects of chemicals being used to straighten and tame coarse hair, and the overall inaccurate information being provided to consumers. She also realized that her client’s state of health played a major role in the healthiness of their hair as well. Katrelle pursued further education in trichology to understand imbalances within the body and the effects on hair growth. While pursuing this endeavor, she created her own hair care line, K. Renee, named after her mother whom passed away from breast cancer at 38 years old. Katrelle has made it her mission to see that cancer, in any form, may never claim another life.