Going Natural…

Going natural is a phrase that has been commonly used to describe women with natural wave patterns and their mission to grow their hair without the use of relaxers or an overabundance of chemicals. In essence, it is embracing the coils with which we were born. However, this mass exodus from harmful chemicals has been met with a severe lack of information. Websites such as YouTube, consumer-only blogs, social groups and the media have attempted to capitalize on this trend by offering “quick and easy” tips or products that seldom work, if any at all. The only thing that these sites or companies accomplish is frustrating consumers. The stigma associated with going natural is that the only option is to grow an afro or unkempt dread locks. For many people, the simple thought of these two options is a turnoff.

As men and women embrace their natural tresses publicly and at work, many risk clashing with corporate and socially acceptable standards. So, in many ways it takes a level of courage to just be. Culturally and historically speaking, the act of embracing our natural hair takes deeper thought. Many people ask, “Why are you doing that?” as if to say, “There are products out there that hide that hideous, unattractive trait. Why are you exposing yourself?”

But, being natural is not just a style, but a culture. This culture embraces the holistic approach to gaining self-awareness through our hair. In other words, this Natural Hair Movement involves abandoning over-processed hair by attacking misinformation. The goal of the CinciNatural Center is to properly inform and empower consumers by providing information about products, styles and trends from professionals and educators with a combined experience of over 10 years in the industry. We also provide consultative services during our seminars, debunk natural hair myths and misinformation as well as inspire others considering going natural or those that are just naturally curious about maintaining and growing healthier hair.

Client Testimonials

This is a place that Cincinnati needed for a very long time. CinciNatural is taking the city by storm! Check them out for yourself!
Donald Buchanan III
Very professional and personal environment. This is not your typical salon – they understand that your time is valuable and they treat you like you are someone special. They are quite knowledgeable about natural hair. I invite you to make an appointment today.

Carolyn Smith
I had my first visit yesterday and it was great! From scheduling my appointment until the end of my appointment I was very pleased with the customer service! Absolutely loved the atmosphere!
Brittany Bradshaw
It’s not just about the styles, their work speaks for them. It’s also about the attitude. They always have a positive word in their mouths. Great energy, cool peeps.

Tayo Banjo

Be Informed. Be Inspired. Be You.

Providing creative styling and detailed attention to our customers is essential to providing a quality experience.

The CinciNatural Center is a multicultural hair salon designed to provide natural hair care services. Our services include styling locks, cornrows, braiding and twist styles, flat ironing, haircuts, providing color services, as well as our trichology services that are specifically designed for individuals experiencing scalp disorders.